Cheap Sunglasses


I love my sunglasses. I wear them year-round, even on cloudy days. My eyes are pretty sensitive to light I guess. And I used to be in a pretty bad habit of either breaking or losing my sunglasses. So I buy cheap pairs, usually from a Walgreens. At most I spend $15 on a new pair. Usually it’s under $10. Surprisingly, my current pair has lasted well over a year. And I still have two spares (one in the house and one in the car), both of which also cost under $10. I just can’t imagine spending what other people do on sunglasses. For 10 bucks I can buy a pair that looks good and can get tossed in a bag with books and still stay strong. And if they don’t, it’s just a few dollars to replace them. $50? $100? Absolutely note. Nope, no thank you. I’m a fan of those cheap sunglasses.


Hanging New Art


Or rearranging or rotating in, which is more along the lines of what I did. I’ve had some pieces that I’ve been wanting to hang in my office for months now. This weekend I finally took down a few that no longer “spoke” to me, and hung the ones that do. And since there was a change, I rearranged the ones that I was keeping up there. So it’s an entirely different feel, with very little work. Both are pluses in my book.

New to You Movies


Pretty sure I’ve covered the basis that I love movies. I even have a movie blog. It’s horrible, because I get distracted and don’t actually review the movie the way I know I should and instead just go on about whether or not I liked it. Bad reviews, but whatever. The fact remains that I love movies enough to start a blog.

Getting off topic. Watched Scrooged tonight. I’ve never seen it. But it’s apparently a Christmas classic and is currently on Netflix. And I really enjoy watching as many Christmas movies in December as I can. And while I actually really didn’t like it, it’s still something I can do. Nick joined me, which was nice. But I guess the happy part about this is just that I have access to things that I’ve never seen before, even if they are decades old. Whether it be Netflix, the library, or a friend loaning a film. It’s a nice experience that, whether I like the film or not, I usually enjoy regardless.

New Printer and Monitor


When Nick built me a new desktop computer for my birthday a few years ago, I was in charge of getting the items that go with it. Luckily, my parents had their old computer stuff. So I got a free monitor, speakers, and keyboard. Win.

But man, these things are pretty old. They’ve seen better days. So last weekend I was browsing Cyber Monday sales (is it really Cyber Monday if the sales are the entire weekend beforehand?) and found a monitor that was on mega sale. It was perfect. It wasn’t huge (I’m not a big gamer, I don’t need something that resembles a small television). And the aspect ratio works. One of my biggest complaints about my old monitor is that it’s a square. Which really didn’t work well with certain websites. Mainly, my work websites. So my problem was now solved.

On top of that, I haven’t had a new printer since college. That was my only printer, in fact. And when I got my 2nd laptop (oh what, 5 years ago?) the printer wasn’t compatible. So I’ve done printing from work and from my parents’ place. Not the most convenient.

Wireless all-in-one. Printer, scanner, copier. Also on megasale. I got both (and protection plans) for around $150.

And now they are both here and set up in my office. Less than week wait. And I’m pretty dang excited. While I will still need to get new speakers since my old ones are just that– too old to be compatible– I’m stoked about these new toys.

100 Days of Happiness: A Look Back


I have to say, this was incredibly difficult. Not because it’s hard to find something every day to be happy about, but to find something different every day. I noticed that a lot of the little things that make each day happy, happen to be very similar each day. Or at least repeats. Going to lunch with coworkers or family. Coworker conversations (that is probably the most repeated one). Snuggles with my kitties. Good food. There are just so many things that happen every day that make each day happy. You don’t need 100 reasons. You only need one if it’s there consistently. I’m fortunate because I have several that are pretty consistent.