Cheap Sunglasses


I love my sunglasses. I wear them year-round, even on cloudy days. My eyes are pretty sensitive to light I guess. And I used to be in a pretty bad habit of either breaking or losing my sunglasses. So I buy cheap pairs, usually from a Walgreens. At most I spend $15 on a new pair. Usually it’s under $10. Surprisingly, my current pair has lasted well over a year. And I still have two spares (one in the house and one in the car), both of which also cost under $10. I just can’t imagine spending what other people do on sunglasses. For 10 bucks I can buy a pair that looks good and can get tossed in a bag with books and still stay strong. And if they don’t, it’s just a few dollars to replace them. $50? $100? Absolutely note. Nope, no thank you. I’m a fan of those cheap sunglasses.


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